Distress for Rent

It has long been thought that the law related to Distress for Rent should be modernised; notwithstanding, that it is used on a regular basis by some landlords and offers in some cases an effective, cheap and speedy method of recovering arrears of rent Currently, the law enables a landlord to take steps to distrain

Free Seminar: Tackling Rent Arrears – Commercial Property

DATE: WEDNESDAY 29TH JANUARY TIME: 5.30PM REGISTRATION FOR A 6PM START VENUE: EALING GOLF CLUB, PERIVALE LANE, GREENFORD, UB6 8TS Partner Anthony Best and Associate Harris Charalambous of Ealing’s leading Law Firm, Prince Evans Solicitors host a seminar to help Landlords and Property Managers learn the best ways to recoup rental arrears. Are you owed

Check If You Can Sublet

It is common for owners of properties to sublet them either having purchased a property for that purpose or because circumstances create that opportunity. It is vital however that anyone purposing to let a property does check that they are entitled to do so. Two recent developments illustrate the importance of this. In the case