Residential Nil Rate Band – Inheritance Tax Relief Increase

Within the Summer Budget 2015 was the announcement that the government was introducing an additional ‘nil rate band’. The nil rate band, currently at £325,000, is the amount that an individual can have in their estate when they die before inheritance tax (‘IHT’) is chargeable. Anything above this amount will be taxed at 40% for

ATTENTION ALL LANDLORDS: New Section 21 Rules to be introduced on 1st October 2015

“The Government will introduce the new s21 Housing Act 188 Notice Requiring Possession” Regulations on 1st October 2015. This means that from next Thursday at the start of a new initial private Landlord residential tenancy , the Landlord or agent must supply a valid Energy Performance Certificate and Gas Appliance Safety certificate and a copy

Government introduces Section 21 Notice Requiring Possession – Prescription requirements from the 1st October 2015

Landlords must provide tenants with EPC and Gas Safety Certificates and use a new statutory form of Section 21 Notice from the 1st October 2015. There are limits on when Notices can be served which will only be valid for SIX months. Brandon Lewis, as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has issued

Taking up a DIY Divorce?

Family law is undergoing a significant amount of change; the reduction of legal aid, the change in the family court system and many other changes to the process and forms. The reduction in family law legal aid has meant that many choose to represent themselves and many others choose to go down the DIY divorce