Can The Government Really Provide Family-Friendly Tenancies?

Last month Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced the Government’s new measures to encourage longer fixed term, family-friendly tenancies and raise standards in the private rented sector including tenants being able to ask for longer tenancies, the use of a model tenancy agreement, a Tenants’ Charter and a letting agents’ compulsory redress scheme able to award

Check If You Can Sublet

It is common for owners of properties to sublet them either having purchased a property for that purpose or because circumstances create that opportunity. It is vital however that anyone purposing to let a property does check that they are entitled to do so. Two recent developments illustrate the importance of this. In the case

Free Seminar: Reviewing residential letting: opportunities, obstacles, deposits and disputes

DATE: MONDAY 2ND DECEMBER TIME: 5.30PM REGISTRATION FOR A 6PM START VENUE: EALING GOLF CLUB, PERIVALE LANE, GREENFORD, UB6 8TS A regular review never comes amiss, but it’s all too easy for rental properties to miss out on this essential activity. If you’re a residential landlord with properties that are either freehold, leasehold or in

Free Seminar: Understanding Probate and Inheritance Tax

DATE: TUESDAY 26TH NOVEMBER TIME: 5.30PM REGISTRATION FOR A 6PM START VENUE: EALING GOLF CLUB, PERIVALE LANE, GREENFORD, UB6 8TS Our specialist solicitors Ben Davies and Geoff Randall shall be addressing many of the most pertinent issues surrounding Probate and Inheritance Tax during our forthcoming seminar, including: Probate: • What is Probate, and what are

Free Seminar: Now is the time to make the most of your mortgage

Seminar  Date: Tuesday  15th  October  2013 Seminar  Start  Time: 1730hrs  for  refreshments  and  registration. Specialist  presentations  start  from  1800hrs. Location: Barclays  Bank,  75  King  Street,  Hammersmith, London, W6  9HY Whether  you’re  thinking  about  a  new  mortgage,  or  want  to  discover  what  your bank  can  do  to  help  with  an   existing  mortgage  or  plan.  Please

Effective Debt Recovery

The average small business is owed £31,000 in unpaid invoices The challenging economy over the last few of years has seen all kinds of businesses under increasing pressure to deal with bad debts; it is not surprising when increasing cash flow pressures create deviant debtors who struggle to meet their obligations to pay their debts