Taking up a DIY Divorce?

Family law is undergoing a significant amount of change; the reduction of legal aid, the change in the family court system and many other changes to the process and forms. The reduction in family law legal aid has meant that many choose to represent themselves and many others choose to go down the DIY divorce

Pre-marital/Post-nuptial Agreements – The court considers the weight to be attributed to them when the parties decide to divorce in Luckwell v Limata [2014]

In the case of Luckwell-v-Limata (2014), which were divorce/financial proceedings, the court faced the issue of how much weight, if any, should be given to the pre-marital/post-nuptial agreements signed, prior to and during the marriage by the parties. As you may be aware, Pre-marital/post-nuptial agreements are not legally binding in the UK yet, but are

Mediation – Is it right for you and what are the alternatives when the distribution of the matrimonial finances are in dispute?

It has recently been reported that there has been a large decrease in the number of separating couples accessing publicly funded mediation following changes in legal aid. The Government were hoping that the cuts in legal aid would encourage separating couples to pursue mediation rather than spend time and money in battling their case at